How to Know When You Need a Retaining Wall

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When it comes to choosing an outdoor structure for your landscape, there is no shortage of options to choose from. From patios to decks, and pergolas to retaining walls, there is plenty of different outdoor structures that can provide beneficial features for your home. Among the different structures that you can choose for your home though, there is one that option that works best under certain conditions, and that is retaining walls.

Retaining walls are generally recommended as a protective type of structure for areas with heavy rain. However, if you are wondering what makes a retaining wall something that you will need, different factors can point to it.

What Signals a Need for a Retaining Wall

Having a retaining wall, in general, can be rather convenient for your landscape. Especially if you are looking to maximize your garden. However, the biggest signs that indicate your outdoor space needs a retaining wall are as follows:

Property Location Issues and Weather Conditions

One of the biggest factors that determine your need for a retaining wall is property locations and or conditions. If you are located in a low-elevated area, your property can end being prone to soil erosion and flooding. Due to this, it could lead to damage the foundation of your home and compromise its structural integrity at worst without the proper protection. Other than this, properties with high-wind conditions can also lead to soil erosion, especially with dry soil.

Don’t have issues with low elevation or high winds? Then you will want to consider a retaining wall if your property is placed on uneven terrain. A retaining wall is the best option to help level out your landscape and it can also help provide an additional space you can choose to use for different activities.

Water Drainage Issues

The main reason that retaining walls are great for soil erosion is how well they work for water direction. Water drainage issues are one of the biggest reasons that lead to soil and foundation issues on your property. More than this, it can lead to standing water pooling in your garden which can cause roots to drown.

As a result of this, roots are left waterlogged and rotting, thus becoming breeding grounds for disease-spreading insects like mosquitoes. By having a retaining wall you can be ensured a built-in water drainage system that redirects water towards storm drains or other waterways.

Help With Landscape Space

Outside of needing a retaining wall to help protect against different outdoor elements, the structure is a good structure for helping your landscape. Whether you need something to provide flat land for your grass or help create a tiered garden, a retaining wall can be both a functional and stylish addition for it. While a retaining wall works best for properties in need of protection from soil and water drainage issues, it is also a beneficial option for backyards in need of separators or alternate spaces for your garden.

Why Have Geelong Retaining Walls Help You

If you find yourself unsure if a retaining wall is for you even with the different factors that determine it, the best option is to refer to a professional service group like Geelong Retaining Walls. When working with Geelong Retaining Walls, you can be assured of quality options with reliable specialists you can consult on any retaining wall inquiries. Whether you want to determine the best way to install the structure or wish to consult on retaining wall options, Geelong Retaining Walls can assist you.


Retaining walls are a structure that can be both beneficial and stylish for your outdoor space. However, as convenient as this structure can be, it would work best under certain conditions. These conditions include issues with soil erosion, water drainage, and uneven terrain. You do have the option to have a retaining wall to help uplift your backyard space but ensuring a retaining wall that is both functional and stylish is to check if the structure can help with the noted issues.