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LimeStone Walls

One of the most popular retaining wall systems is the limestone retaining wall. It is sturdy and visually appealing. However, it requires skill to achieve its sleek appearance. If you are looking for limestone walls that are both beautiful and long-lasting, call us today and we will build one for you!


Concrete is one of the most flexible and versatile materials there is. Its ability to be shaped easily, its relative afforability, and its toughness is a perfect material to build sleeper walls out of. At Geelong Retaining Walls have specialized in concrete sleepers for more than 10 years. Call our hotline and inquire now!

Perimeter Walls

Do you know that if you build retaining walls high enough, it could also double as a fence that protects your properties and your privacy? Yes, it definitely can! Perimeter walls are awesome alternatives to boring concrete fences as they serve double purposes. Talk to our expert to explore different perimeter wall options that we have for you!

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