Issues to Avoid with Retaining Walls

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Retaining walls are a type of outdoor structure generally found in areas that are prone to heavy rain or are used to maximize an area. As a structure meant to prevent any water build-up or soil erosion, there is plenty of amounts of durability to be found with retaining walls. However, as durable as retaining walls can be to plenty of different elements like heavy weather, there are scenarios where a retaining wall can fail. If you are not careful, you may miss the different points you will want to avoid.

Issues to Avoid

There are a number of different reasons that a retaining wall could fall, most of them due to the installation process or something that may have been missed. Some of the biggest issues you will want to avoid are as follows:

Inadequate Drainage

One of the biggest issues that could affect a retaining wall is if the water flow is not properly dealt with. When water pools behind the retaining wall in the backfill it results in the pressure behind the wall doubling. From this, it can lead to the retaining wall, shifting and sliding to outright collapsing if not dealt with properly. The first step to any good retaining wall is ensuring there is an adequate drainage system that would not bulk over time.

Foundation Issues

The type of material you choose to have and how much it can weigh can cause a large impact on the soil foundation if not properly checked or measured. If the soil ends up compressed and subsided, it can cause the height of the wall above the grade to shrink. Once shrunk enough, the entire wall will fail, because it will no longer have the right amount of pressure to remain standing.

Improper Reinforcement

While proper retaining wall material and a properly prepared foundation can do a lot in making a sturdy retaining wall but a large factor to it standing strong is its reinforcement. Reinforcement often comes in the form of rebar in the wall. Applying said reinforcement can be a challenge at times and if used improperly, the wall will separate at the corners and fail early.

Aside from the biggest issues to avoid, other issues you will want to note include subpar construction, improper footing, extra load on top, and slope failure. All can be understood as improper preparation of the landscape and laxness in the overall laxness in the installation. The best way you can avoid these issues aside from knowing prevention methods is to refer to a reliable professional service group.

How Geelong Retaining Walls Can Help

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Retaining walls can work well as a protective measure for your landscape but as durable as it can be, there are factors that can make it fail. From poor drainage to improper reinforcement, there are different ways that your retaining wall can end up shifting and collapsing if you are not careful. While there are different prevention methods that you could note, the best way to ensure a quality and sturdy finish is referring to a professional service team.