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Retaining Walls Geelong

At Geelong Retaining Walls and we provide professional and high-quality retaining wall installations and sleeper systems in and around the city of Geelong. For more than 20 years, we have been the most sought-after retaining wall builders because of our fast turnaround, low prices, and high-quality work. Our team is comprised of highly-skilled and trained retaining wall system designers, installers, and builders who have vast number of experience in delivering topnotch retaining walls around Australia. We specialise in advanced systems like limestone retaining walls, concrete sleeper walls, and perimeter walls. Our mission is to make high-quality and professional retaining wall installations accessible to everybody regardless of their social status. We position ourselves as Geelong‘s most economical retaining wall builders and we intend to still be that. 

There are different types of retaining walls. Depending on the purpose that it intends to serve, a retaining wall is generally a system that is designed and constructed to withstand lateral pressure of soil or hold back soil materials. They primarily aim to prevent soil erosion. However, some install retaining walls purely for aesthetic purposes only. Here are some of the systems that we offer here in Geelong Retaining Walls:

So if you are looking for retaining wall installers, paving solutions, and driveway builders that you can trust, call us today and one of our expert builders will discuss with you all the options that you can choose from!


Professional Builders

Our team is made up of professional retaining wall system designers and builders who have earned training and experience from different parts of Australia.

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We value your time and we will never allow it to be wasted. Thus, we guarantee that we will finish all projects ahead of time. If not, we will make sure that they're done on time.

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Our mission in Geelong Retaining Walls is to make professionally-built retaining walls accessible to all. You can trust that our pricing will always be fair & transparent.

Geelong Retaining Wall Services

We specialise in services like limestone retaining walls, concrete sleeper retaining walls, and perimeter retaining walls, as well as paving solutions and driveway building.

What We Do

Retaining walls are not just a design choice, but often necessary in areas where soil erosion and steep property lines threaten to undermine the stability of your home. When you need expert installation or repairs for retention wall an option that will give peace of mind is Geelong Retaining Walls!

Geelong Retaining Walls is a family-owned business that has been providing outstanding service for the past 15 years. Our expertise ranges from building simple retaining walls to complex projects and we take pride in our workmanship, craftsmanship, attention to detail and customer satisfaction! We understand how important your property is to you which makes us want it as well so whether you are looking for something small or large we can help with any of your needs!

Retaining Wall Construction

Whatever your exact needs might be, you can find them here! We offer a myriad of options for the best price. Our styles are more than most and we provide faster service with high-quality construction jobs to our customers in Geelong and surrounding areas. When there is erosion on your property or when other issues arise that need attention, don’t hesitate any longer; call us today before anything else happens so we can keep this city safe from flooding by building new retaining walls now!

It’s likely that if you live in an area prone to erosion, now is the time for a new retaining wall. For those looking to receive high-quality service at affordable prices we are available now and into the foreseeable future!

Retaining Wall Repairs

We know it’s a hassle to deal with cracked or crumbling walls, but we’re here for you. Whether the issue is structural damage from age and weathering; an unfortunate event like someone kicking your wall while playing soccer in the backyard; or just natural wear-and-tear over time – our team has got you covered! We’ll make those cracks disappear better than before, patch up any missing sections of bricks that may have fallen out because they were old and weak anyway (missing pieces usually happen when people play their sports outside!), fix chipped paint were needed too… There are way more benefits associated with hiring professionals than not doing so.

If you’re looking for a quick exterior job, we have the perfect solution. From new walls to patched up holes and cracks – if your wall is in need of a repair then count on us! And don’t worry about getting it done right because our team will make sure that everything matches together seamlessly so there are no visible signs left behind. So call today when you see any problems with your retaining walls!

Concrete Sleepers Geelong

Concrete sleepers are ideal for retaining wall construction. They can be smooth in terms of texture and design, durable, last several decades – all this with the available textures and designs means you’re no longer limited to conventional grey concrete. Concrete retaining walls now being used as a way to improve the aesthetics at your home!

Sleeper retaining walls are built to contain soil and flood water. Mountain soil requires a deep foundation with an exact angle so it doesn’t shift unpredictably in the event of heavy rain or snow melt. Contact us today for help determining your slope’s needs before starting construction, as this is crucial not only for safety but also accuracy!

Why Choose Us?

Retaining Walls Geelong has been the trusted family-owned and operated business since 2004. We have a team of professional technicians with over 100 years combined experience in construction, design, or repair services for your retaining walls needs. Whether you need to construct an exterior brick wall on an incline or want repairs done quickly without compromising quality Retaining Wall Services will always be there!

Our company specializes in constructing residential outdoor brick walls that range from pergolas to patios. Our experienced staff can offer advice about which material is best suited for each individual project as well as provide full installation service at competitive rates.

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We provide a 360° Retaining Wall Solutions in Geelong.

At Geelong Retaining Walls, we provide complete retaining wall solutions that include design, installation, and maintenance. We also have a complete inventory of available building materials like limestone, natural rocks, composites, slabs, wood, and many more. Our builders are also trained to create different retaining walls with accuracy and at a shallow price point. Here are some of the services that we offer:

So, if you are looking for the most complete retaining wall solutions in Geelong, click the button below to talk to one of our retaining wall experts to discuss with you all the available options that we have for you.

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Advantages of Retaining Walls

More than just preventing soil erosion and runoff, retaining walls have a lot of benefits. You may be thinking that it’s only about making your property aesthetically pleasing but there are many more benefits for you to enjoy:

Protect your property and your neighbours’ structures

If you live in an area with a higher elevation, chances are that your property may need to be protected from soil erosion. One way is by building retaining walls; this can help keep these damages at bay and reduce costly repairs down the line!

Some people have problems of having their foundations eroded due to high ground levels around them or vice versa depending on where they’re located. Retaining walls are just one option for protecting oneself against such disasters because when it comes time for expensive repair work, those who invest now will sleep better knowing they’ve done what could prevent future harm to themselves and others as well as protect their finances too!

Utilise irregular contours and slopes

Retaining walls are the solution to your property’s irregularly shaped lot or slopey edges. They can help you achieve that perfect landscaping, right in a space where it seemed impossible before. Retaining wall allows you to utilise areas of land which seem unusable and transform them into something beautiful with ease.

Eliminate tedious yard maintenance

Imagine how your property would look if you did not have a retaining wall. In the beginning, it may seem perfect and beautiful with neatly organized soil that is free of debris. However, as time goes on and more water flows through to collect dirt from the ground below it begins building up at an accelerated rate until eventually there are no plants or even rocks left exposed for everyone to see; merely piles upon piles of mud sitting stagnant in puddles after every rainfall before slowly climbing back up again when dry weather returns.

Increase the overall value of the property

A retaining wall could be a good investment for your property. Not only will it help you attract buyers easily, but if the soil around your house is eroded, this one simple addition can save future owners from costly damages that come with land erosion! Retaining walls are also great at reducing noise and minimizing flooding risks near waterways like rivers, which means they’re not just practical — they’re environmentally friendly too.

Limestone Retaining Walls

Limestone has become one of the most popular retaining wall systems around Australia in the last few decades. You literally can see at least one everywhere – from small houses to huge mansions, to resorts, to parks and attractions – limestones have become one of the best ways to do retaining walls. This makes sense because limestones exude a contemporary take on classic surface textures that make retaining walls somewhat natural looking. Limestone retaining walls can be done in two ways: the first is by using huge slabs of limestones and sculpting them and the other way is to use smaller pieces that build up a composite retaining wall. While limestones make awesome looking retaining walls, they are also one of the most expensive ones to build. The skill required to pull off a limestone retaining wall system is enormous and in most cases, only professionals who have training can do it. 

At Geelong Retaining Walls, our builders are well-experienced in building high-quality limestone retaining walls that are visually appealing, long-lasting and durable. Call us today on our hotline to inquire about the different limestone options that we offer.

Concrete Retaining Walls

As we all know, concrete is one of the building blocks of modern society. Almost every house and every building around the world is made of concrete in one form or another. However, do you know that concrete is also a very potent material to use when building retaining walls? Yes! Concrete is tough, sturdy, and durable; all simultaneously very easy to manipulate and versatile in creating different textures and effects. On top of that, concrete is also one of the most inexpensive materials out there. You can choose between exposed aggregate, plain concrete, concrete slabs, or even coloured and stamp concrete surfaces. Whatever your design is, Geelong Retaining Walls can do it for you. Call our hotline today and get a FREE quote!

Rock Retaining Walls

Natural rocks, stones, and pebbles have since been used to build retaining walls even way back to ancient times. It is one of the most popular building retaining walls that some older structures still sport up until this day. When used to build retaining walls, the great thing about natural rocks and stones is that they exude a very “nature” looking vibe. It doesn’t look commercial and adds to the aesthetics of the space where the retaining wall is built. However, doing so involves a rigorous process. First, you have to find the best rocks and pebbles to use; then, you need to arrange them in a way that is not only visually appealing but is also structurally sound to prevent them from crumbling down. Our team in Geelong Retaining Walls has mastered this art for more than 20 years in service. We can make retaining walls out of different types of natural rocks and stones and our reputation in making high-quality retaining walls guarantees that they will remain intact for a very long time. So, if you want to have a natural rock retaining wall built for you, let us know and we will do it for you!

Timber Retaining Walls

Timber and wood can also be a good material to use when building retaining walls. While they are not as long-lasting as rocks, concrete, or limestone, they are perfect for those who need ad hoc retaining walls built for their yard. If done properly, timber retaining walls can be very inexpensive and could even last a long time. All of this has to do with how good your builders are. To reinforce the wood and protect it from the soil’s moisture, there needs to be some treatment that has to be done. Our builders are equipped with the right materials and equipment to create beautiful wood retaining walls that are beautiful physically and very utilitarian. We also have a wide range of available wood that you can choose from. Call our hotline today to talk to one of our builders and explore all the options that are available to you!



We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

Retaining walls are structures that hold back the forces of nature. They prevent erosion from occurring and making a mess on your property by deflecting water runoff so it doesn’t cut away at any soil or grass outside of its bounds, like rainwater would do when there is no wall in place to stop it. Their size can vary depending upon what they’re being used for–sometimes retaining walls come as low as one brick tall up to ten feet high!

There are different types of retaining wall systems that you can choose from. Depending on your purpose, each wall system achieves a certain effect. For example, a perimeter wall is built to serve as a fence; while a concrete sleeper is built to hold soil in a garden. In  order to know which one will work for you, call us today and one of our experts will help you find the right one for you!

Retaining walls are more than just a necessary function for commercial properties. They can provide the aesthetic appeal and functional support that your business property needs when constructing new buildings! When building, retaining walls help keep an area level by controlling grading to make sure there is no slope or risk of erosion.

Definitely. However, in order to assure that you get value for your money and end up with a high-quality, durable, and visually appealing retaining wall, it is more recommended to hire a professional to do one for you. Call us today at (03) 5292 8968 to know more about what we can offer.

Residential retaining walls are most often used to protect homes from the effects of erosion. With enough time and rain, soil can block basement doors and windows if not restrained by a retaining wall. Houses on top or below high hills also benefit greatly from using these structures for stability purposes as well; they keep foundations in place when living at higher altitudes with steep slopes, while acting like an extra layer of security against loose dirt buildup around lower-leveled properties that face downward hillside areas due to gravity’s constant pull!

Retaining walls are the perfect solution for you whether your land slopes upward or downward. If it is sloping uphill, a retaining wall will help retain soil and water to prevent erosion. Retaining walls also come in different sizes depending on where they’re going: residential vs commercial properties need not be of equal size! Retaining Walls Geelong’s contractors can talk with you about what type of design would work best for your property while still staying within budget as well as how tall should that wall ultimately end up being so there isn’t any unnecessary loss from runoff when rain falls too heavily downhill onto the ground below if needed due to improper grade changes throughout the construction process.

There are different factors that affect the price of a retaining wall. In order to get an accurate quotation for your project, let us know and we’ll get back to you within the next 24 hours.

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